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Some Recurring Queries & Trade Tricks

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions for our services. In case, you have a specific query, do please feel free to call us at 1800151865 or contact us and we will respond promptly.

A suitable vehicle is chosen after accessing your moving needs and the number of items. We have a range of vehicles suited to every need. We provide 2T vans, 4T trucks, 8T trucks, and 10T trucks.
2T Van

  • Around nine cubic meters of space,
  • Used mainly for smaller items of around one bedroom apartment or a small office,
  • Equipped with blankets, straps, hand trolley, etc., and
  • Has a side door and a barn door.

Learn more… contact us.

4T Truck

  • Around 19 cubic meters of space,
  • Suited for larger items, 1 to 2 bedroom apartments, or a medium-sized office,
  • Best for small to medium size office and home furniture,
  • Hydraulic tailgate to easily load and unload, and
  • Equipped with blankets, straps, hand trolley, etc.

Learn more… contact us.

8T Truck

  • Around 38 cubic meters of space,
  • Best for larger items, 2 to 4 bedroom houses, or to move a large office,
  • Fits any moderate-sized furniture,
  • Allows for pallet loading with curtain and box sides,
  • Hydraulic tailgate to easily load and unload, and
  • Equipped with blankets, straps, hand trolley, etc.

Learn more… contact us.

10T Truck

  • Around 46 cubic meters of space,
  • Handles larger offices, corporate movements, and serves 3 to 4 bedroom houses,
  • Best for any medium or large size furniture,
  • Hydraulic tailgate to easily load and unload, and
  • Provided with blankets, straps, hand trolley, etc.

Learn more… contact us.

All of our 2T vans, 4T trucks, 8T trucks, and 10T trucks carry straps, moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, hand trolley, and as per the choice of the vehicle, a hydraulic platform trolley. These items need to be booked at the time of order placement, and the quotation mentions them. You may add any items to the list at the time of booking
. Learn more… contact us.

We recommend a vehicle as per the estimated size and quantity of the items to be moved to ensure a single trip that will provide the best quote. It is thus important to provide an accurate description of your items at the time of booking. Multiple trips will cost you more and also take longer for the project to be completed. Our representatives can help you estimate accurately and are only a call or email away.
Learn more… contact us.

The quote we provide can be deciphered by two things, the number of items and their size, and the distance of the movement – interstate, local, or abroad. These two parameters will give you a fair idea of the costs. An average two bedroom movement should cost you around $1200 while a four bedroom might cost around $2300 for a local move. Interstate movement will depend upon the distance to be travelled and could rise up to around $3600.

Sharing a fair idea of your load and the distance will help us estimate and provide you the best quote possible. Learn more… contact us.

Hourly rates vary as per your stating city and a typical hourly rate is around $20 to $30 per hour. This rate is subject to go up if the movement is on the weekend or after normal office hours.
Learn more… contact us.

Hiring Coup Logistics could be your best decision to help you easily move your home or office to a new place. The biggest worry to shift your base is the price involved. It is easy to be confused over the price, what is a good rate, how to negotiate, and if you even need professional help.

Any of the good movers like Coup Logistics will not cost a bomb. But we still advise that you first set your budget, ask for a quote from a few places, and compare. A free quote will always be provided by a good mover like us irrespective of the size and distance of movement.

The next step is to compare the services being provided and the quality of the company you choose for your movement services. We are specialists to move your house, office, and warehouse items. We specialize in small shifting needs like a man-with-a-van kind to commercial freight movements of a variety of goods.

The last step to choose the best service is to provide a fairly good estimate of your load and the journey details. We promise that we will send you the lowest quote in the market, with the highest quality and reliability to handle your items.

Note: Never ever choose any mover, even a professional one like Coup Logistics, without asking for an estimation. Learn more… contact us.


We offer a transparent rate card that is based on a scientific calculation of the number of items, the vehicle chosen, the distance to be covered, and the number of personnel required. There may be cases where our representatives will be able to save costs through a variety of ways but usually the quoted price is the most competitive cost in the market.
Learn more… contact us.


Moving your items can be a tiring activity and difficult to do all alone. You might also want to save time by hiring a professional instead of trying to save a penny, spend a dollar. We offer not only perfection but also a guarantee that your items will reach your destination safely and securely without any sort of damage. We provide the best-in-class packing material to keep your valuables 100% safe during the journey. We handle all items you love dearly like your favorite furniture, pool table, piano, family heirloom, etc. to deliver them unscathed. We also offer insurance for your items at a small fee that provides much mental relief. If this is your first time moving interstate then you should choose the best.

All-in-all, hiring a professional like Coup Logistics could give you a hasslefree moving experience.
Learn more… contact us.

Our records show that not even one customer has ever been unhappy or been left with a damaged good. We insure your items nonetheless to make sure that in case of an unforeseen eventuality you stay covered for damages. Although our quality of services have always been impeccable, we highly recommend that insurance is organized through us or separately. The complete policy on insurance can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. Please speak to our representative to find an easy way to gain an insurance policy for your items before moving. Learn more… contact us.

We assist you with the packaging on the day of the movement or prior to it, as you may choose. You can organize your own packaging material, or we can provide the materials – boxes, bubble-wrap, shrink-wrap, tapes, stress-pads, etc. You pay only for the material that is used. Please speak to our representative at 1800151865 or contact us, and we will respond promptly.

Although experts recommend that the fridge be turned off a few hours before the movement and not turned back a few hours afterward. We however recommend that a refrigerator is not moved in a laying-down position. Even our smallest movement vehicle is optimal to move a fridge upright with all safety in place. We provide moving trays and strap it in the vehicle after packaging to ensure it does not suffer any damage. Let us know your preference while booking, and we can handle it accordingly. Learn more… contact us.

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