Coup Logistics deals with freight movement activities that include land freight, water freight, and air freight. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages as per your particular needs and budgets. Here is a brief about them.

Land Freight:

A majority of the satisfied customers at Coup Logistics prefer land freight to shift their homes, offices, or companies. Our crew and staff have extensive knowledge and experience and have helped thousands of Australians relocate their houses and offices throughout the country by land. We suggest this method for any local shifting needs as it is the most economical method for most clients. Interstate shifting too, might sometimes via road be a more accessible and be an optimal method.

Our immense fleet of moving trucks help you shift your home or office whenever and wherever you may want, anytime in the entire country. Our experienced truck drivers know their way inside-out throughout the various suburbs of every city in Australia big or small. Whether you are planning to relocate in the next neighborhood or far away, we will make the shifting process look like a piece of cake.

Water Freight

Sometimes it is better to transport the goods by the sea route. Coup Logistics offers extensive water freight services to relocate your items across the country as well as abroad. This might be one of the cheapest methods to shift your home but be aware that it does take its own sweet time. Choose this method only if time is not of much concern to you.

Our professionals can help shift any valuables, fragile items, big TV screens, refrigerators, and other items. All items are packed with a special packing that keeps the moisture and stains out and provides a blanket to keep the items safe. The items are then provided more padding with bubble wraps and stress pads for added security.

Whether big or small, multiple things or a single pack, we make sure to take the best care of them all.

Air freight

When the client is in a hurry to shift, the best option is air freight. We handle shifting your home or office via air with ease. This is the fastest way to shift your items abroad, though also the most costly method of them all. We follow all kinds of environmentally safe and professional packing systems and materials to ensure your goods reach you perfectly safe after transportation.

We also take care of any custom clearances needed for you to gain your possessions while you sit back and relax.

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