At Coup Logistics, we are aware of the pains one goes through while shifting their office equipment, furniture, and other items. It is easy to leave that stapler behind or the money plant you had been nurturing for many months. We ensure that you are not inconvenienced due to this relocation, whether it is shifting a small office space or moving a large enterprise. Our years of removal and moving experience make the whole process seem simple as reciting from A to Z.

A few features of our office and small home relocation services are:


We offer trustworthy movers who are well-trained in the art of office relocations to ensure minimal downtime to your processes. Our office relocation services allow you to relocate by hiring a perfectly skilled team of professionals who provide optimal time management. This team moves all your office furniture, electronic equipment, and machinery – both heavy and light in no time at all to get you operational at the new site.

Optimal Packing:

We care for your belongings and do not treat them like just another item in the contract. We use special packages that are specially designed to ensure every delicate piece of equipment is moved carefully and precisely. These special packages contain layers of materials designed with a plastic coating and a blanket to protect your valuable and delicate equipment. Our teams ensure the safe delivery of such special items personally.

Rapid Services:

We realize that for any business like yours, time is money. Our experienced set of professional crews have many years of experience handling small and large-scale office relocations. They package your items, provide fast removal, and the reassembly of the furniture and other items. They also remove any packaging items to allow you to resume office fast.

Safety and Security:

We follow the utmost standards in safe packing and removal methodologies that are strengthened by technology. A security audit team closely monitors every step of our process while the ground crews follow the procedures. We find the perfect solution for all of your moving requirements and ensure they reach their destination safely.

Interstate and Local:

We provide fast and efficient office shifting as per your needs both within the state or to any state in Australia. We also offer many short-term and long-term storage options to allow us to safeguard your items till you are ready to move them to their new homes.

Environmentally Conscious:

We provide packaging and other material that are environmentally harmless to the extreme. We also ensure that all packing materials are collected and disposed-off or reused as per the guidelines laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency. We maintain a clean record of not harming the environment in any manner through our shifting services.


We offer clean and secure ways to move your items – when you want, where you want, and how you want. We provide the fastest transport options to move your office equipment by road, water, or air as per your budget and convenience.


We offer the most reasonably priced office relocation services in the entire state of Victoria. Speak to our Sales representatives to get the lowest quotes with the highest professionalism and guaranteed satisfaction.

Peace of Mind:

We do the leg-work for you to shift your office furniture and equipment while you sit and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, blissfully confident that your items are in good hands. We only flaunt being best at helping you. Don’t just imagine this peace any further. Experience it with Coup logistics.