The biggest pain of any relocation, whether for an office, a company, or a home, is the packing and unpacking of the items. Coup Logistics allows you to never have to take any stress for it anymore. All you need is to tell us where you want to move, what you want to move, and when you want it done – We take care of it all.

Our professional crews are masters of packing for relocation and genies when it comes to unpacking and arranging your items just like it was at home. Some of the benefits that you derive from us are:

Valuables items:

We understand that the value of an item is not only monetary but also emotional. We use special packing materials for such valuable items, whether big or small. Our trained crew members pack your items with the utmost care and safety and ensure a perfect delivery every time.

Fragile items:

We only use high-grade packing material for all large and fragile items on your list. Our well-trained crews carefully wrap your possessions in a unique material. This packing has plastic on the outside to keep the moisture and stains away and a blanket inside to protect the item. Suitable bubble wrappings are used to provide extra security to such items as per the fragility and needs. Stress pads are added to the corners of the package to ensure there is no room for error and the item is delivered to your complete satisfaction.

Normal items:

We do not categorize an item by item as being big or small when packing them optimally. We understand that you have collected your items over the years, and we provide an equal amount of care and respect to them all.


We also offer insurance for your items at a minimal cost. However, our database shows that not even a single customer yet had the need for it due to the quality of our services. No item ever broken is something we boast of in private.

Environmentally conscious:

We are probably the only moving company in Australia that has invested in research for our own packaging material. We have found ways to reuse and repurpose packaging that is environmentally harmless and follows the guidelines as provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. We always collect and dispose-off our packaging material prudently to ensure there is no harm to the environment through our services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We discuss everything from your packing needs, the kinds of services, the range of services, and provide route consultations well in advance. All of these discussions allow us to serve you better and provides you a job done satisfactorily. It is easy to feel the stress of shifting your items. But we shall take the entire burden on our shoulders to allow you time to adjust to your new surrounding.

Contact us now to help us pack up your office or home.