Piano/Pool Table/Gym

At Coup Logistics we know how we all love our recreational activities. We provide an utterly problem-free disassembly, assembly, and arrangement of your recreational spaces for activities like the piano or pool table or your gym equipment.

This may seem like a tough task to most, but our professional moving crews make it seem like a breeze. The process may seem enjoyable from a distance but needs careful planning and coordination between multiple teams. And who is better than Coup Logistics to help you shift them easily?

We do not simply load and unload your valuable equipment and other recreational items. We disassemble them, pack them suitably, ensure that everything is in order, mark all the pieces, drive to the destination, unload, unpack, assemble, and wait for your instructions to place them at their new place – Safety is our middle name.

So, we suggest you take on the heavy lifting part of this activity to decide where you want your lovely piano, impeccable pool table, or complex gym equipment to be placed. We promise, and we deliver professionally.

Contact us now to help you move.