At Coup Logistics, we understand our clients the best. We know that at times, it is overwhelming for them to shift at short notice. Many times, the new place needs renovations that are taking longer than expected. This can lead to much confusion and stress for the client.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

We Store:

We provide modern and secure warehouses to safeguard them till you are ready to take your items to the new home or office. We provide storage facilities all over Australia and can even provide these storage options at short notice as per your needs. We also have storage facilities throughout Australia where we can store your items safely. We store both normal household items or large industrial equipment for long or short periods.

We Deliver:

We keep your items safe and sound till you give us the green signal to deliver your items wherever you want, even at short notice. We have land, water, and airfreight services that allow us excellent connectivity with even a remote part in Australia or anywhere else in the world.


A very minimal cost investment will provide you with insurance in case of any damage or accident or some other unforeseen event. Though our records show that not even a single customer yet had to rely on insurance due to the quality of our services. ‘Never an item broken!’ is something we boast of in private.


We understand that you may not have marked storage in your budget, and we do not need you to stress out. Just contact Coup Logistics, and we will take care of everything. We provide a plethora of options to make such storage fit your budget.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and get a suitable quote.