Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions have been designed to be simple and easy to read. They are important, as they cover which parts of the move, we are responsible for, and which parts you are responsible for.

1 Legal Jargon

“We” means Coup Solutions Pty Ltd. ABN 17643706432 trading as “Coup Logistics” and “Us” and “Our” have corresponding meanings; “You” means the party entering into the agreement for Services with Us, and includes the party to whom Our estimate is addressed, and any party who gives Us instruction on Your behalf, and the party by whom the final acceptance is signed, and “Your” has corresponding meaning.


The promise to repair (or compensate) provided by Us, is in addition to any statutory rights that You may have arising from the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or similar legislation. Those additional rights remain to the extent that they cannot be excluded. To the extent that they can be excluded they are. Where they cannot be excluded then such rights and any remedies arising therefrom are modified to the extent permitted by law.

2 The Booking

You need to tell us what you would like moved and the location where it needs to go. We will estimate which vehicle to use, and how long it might take. This is an estimate only. The list that you give us at booking is a guide to what we are expecting to move on the day, not an itemized inventory.

3 Time

Our 1-hour timeframe for arrival means we may be up to 30 minutes either side of the booking time. Our “working time” is the time from when we arrive at the first address, to the completion of payment at the final address. The minimum is half an hour of work; after that it is rounded up to the nearest half an hour.

Our “travel time” is a fixed time to get to the starting location before the job, and away from the end location after we finish working. We will advise the travel times when you book. If you change the start or end locations during the job, the travel time may change accordingly. The minimum time is always 2-hour of work, which we charge plus the travel time mentioned above.

4 Changes and cancellations

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you give us at least 24 hours’ notice before the booked start time of the job of any changes or cancellations, no fee applies. If you cancel within 24 hours, we will charge a fee of 1 hour of the booked hourly rate.

5 Road Charges & Parking

We will park anywhere safe you ask us to, EXCEPT in a Clearway. If the parking space is not legal, you can ask us to find a legal spot further away; otherwise, any parking fees we pay or infringements we receive will be added to the cost of the job. All our vehicles are eligible to use Loading Zones; however, time limits always apply. We do not use toll roads unless specifically asked for by You or no other way-out, which remains at Your charge.

6 During the move

You need to tell us about any fragile goods or any special precautions that you would like us to take. We will attempt to move all of your items as directed, however, we reserve the right to refuse to carry any item or items for any reason. As we do not take an itemized inventory during the move, we will act on Your instruction at each location. You need to show us everything you need moved when we arrive at the pickup. You must check that nothing extra is taken, or items missed. Sometimes there are more belongings than we discussed during the booking. We will always try to fit it in for you, but we do not always have time or space to do more than we were booked for. If that is the case, we will try to discuss alternative options to get it all done. If, after loading, we cannot deliver your goods for reasons outside our control, we will bring them back to our depot. You will then be responsible for any re-delivery charges. If this happens, we will do our best to contact you to work out any other way of solving the issue. We will not accept any claim for consequential loss or damage if we refuse or are unable to move an item or items for any reason.

The items listed below will not be moved unless otherwise stated in writing to the Company, and the insurance is deemed null and VOID for:

  • Any prohibited or stolen items.
  • Any drugs, explosive items, gas bottles or firearms.
  • Any animals, in cages or not, or tanks including birds and fish.
  • Plants and trees which needs permission.

8 Payment

We must be paid in full at the end of the job. Our working time does not finish until payment is finalized. We take payment in EFTPOS, Visa, or MasterCard at the end of the job. A surcharge may apply to credit card payments.

We do not accept cash, business or personal cheques; we do not offer credit without prior arrangement.

If you are unable to pay for your job on completion, we may need to keep some of your goods as security until payment is made. In that case there will be a charge to re-deliver those items, or you can collect them from our depot.

9 Damage and our Guarantee

We guarantee and include insurance (which cover goods for up to $200,000) for all work we perform. This means that as long as we’re told about any damage at the end of the move (or within 48 hours of the completion of the job), then we will discuss with you the options of:
  1. Repairing the damage to as close as possible to its original condition or,
  2. Replacement if a repair cannot be performed or,
  3. Compensation instead of repair or replacement up to the pre-damage market value of the item.
Exceptions We WILL cover any physical damage caused by dropping, mishandling, or inadequately securing of the item by us, except in the following circumstances:
  • Televisions not packed in their original box, computer equipment, photocopiers, scientific instruments, musical instruments not in hard cases, architectural models, and sculptural artwork, pianos and pool tables.
  • Pieces of glass not wrapped or packed safely. This includes picture glass and table tops.
  • Stone, including marble, granite, composite or similar items. We will take these items if they can be safely moved, however we do not cover these items under our guarantee due to their inherent fragility.
  • Furniture designed to be flat packed, or made of pressed wood, such as IKEA, Fantastic Furniture or similar. These items are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder, no matter how carefully we move them. We recommend disassembling such items before moving to reduce these risks.
  • Mobile Storage Customers. We will not cover any items packed into mobile storage containers (PODS, Taxibox, GoBox etc) under any circumstances.
We WILL NOT cover any internal faults to electrical goods, any minor scratches, chips or any damages if the items are packaged by the customers; and where the item was not mishandled by us and was secured properly in the vehicle. Compensation and Repairs We use reputable repairers. If your goods are damaged and taken for repair, we will repair them as close to their original condition as possible. We will not compensate for any consequential loss or loss of value. We will not pay repair costs where these are likely to exceed the pre-damage market value of the item – in these cases we will offer compensation to the market value. Where a replacement or compensation is offered, this is not a “new for old” service. The valuation will take into account the age, depreciation, and wear and tear of the item. If there is a dispute regarding the valuation of an item, it will be assessed by an independent licensed auctioneer, or a person nominated by our insurance company.