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Those days of packing your car to the max and leaving what does not fit on the curb are over. Coup Logistics ensures that all your precious items – both financially and emotionally – stay with you while you move. Here are a few hacks put over the years of experience in the business that can help you become a pro.

Preparations for the day

  1. Get all utilities up and running: It could take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks for water, electricity, and gas up and running at your destination. Schedule the transfer to coincide with it, or you run the risk of spending a few days without it.
  2. Hire us when you know the closing date: Any of the movers, including us, can be booked months in advance. This will help you research the market and make a move in style without being hassled by unscrupulous elements who would charge you for the moon and back.
  3. Do not get intimidated by movers: Never ever compromise on your movement day or schedule as per the mover’s availability. There are many companies who can help you move and you need to find one that runs as per your timings. Begging to be squeezed into a schedule will most often result in a crew that is exhausted from 2 or 3 moves and may delay the process.
  4. Reserve a time slot at the beginning of the day: The most rested crew can be found early in the day. This is more important if your movement is scheduled in the summers. A fresh crew will get the job done faster and usually do a better job. Even if you hire the best crew in town but later in the evening or night, it will cost you more, and the work will be slower.
  5. Rent a truck and hire the moving crew: This may work in your favor if you are proficient in driving a truck and operating it. You can only hire the labor and packaging to help you load and unload. This way, you are in complete control of your items while saving a bit on the costs. We provide both a truck on rent, the moving crew, or both as a package deal. Contact our representative to know more.
  6. Always schedule your time off from work: Moving is full-time work, so most people prefer to move on the weekend. But moving is also exhausting for anyone and depending upon the number of items, packing and unpacking in just two days sometimes will leave you exhausted by Monday. It is recommended that you keep a day or two extra to unwind and be ready to tackle your work fresh. We recommend scheduling a day off from work for the move.
  7. Stop buying groceries at least one week before moving: It is best to eat and finish your stored food in your fridge, freezer, pantry, etc. A clean fridge after movement will save you time and money and help you stay fresh after moving.
  8. Grab your moving supplies: It is very inconvenient to run back and forth to the Home Depot every time you run out of tape or bubble wrap or boxes. It is best to grab them all and a few extra in one go. Coup Logistics can help you estimate your needs and even provide packaging material if required. Contact our representative to know more.
  9. Find sturdy boxes to pack your items: This is a good way to save some money but make sure that you pick up sturdy and good quality boxes. Free boxes from liquor stores or from other retailers like copy paper boxes, banker boxes, etc., are perfect but avoid grocery boxes as they may contain pests. And always go for medium size boxes instead of large ones that can be carried easily.
  10. Segregate items that you may sell or donate: Go through your items and decide what needs to be kept and what may be sold off or donated. Selling can get you a bit of extra cash but if you have no time to haggle, then donate your stuff and get a tax write-off to save some money.

Packing hacks

  1. Keep important documents in a clear container: Do not misplace your sale documents, tax documents, or other important papers. Never pack them with other items as you will lose track of them during the move. Make a separate container for important documents and keep them in a safe place while you pack the rest of the home or office.
  2. Pack an overnight box: Any movement is uber exhausting and you need to prepare for your first night in the new home. Keep a box or suitcase with personal items, toiletries, medicines, etc. to find them easily the next morning.
  3. Color code and label all boxes as per the rooms: Staying organized is easy if you assign a color to each room. A small label on each box that describes its content will help you later to find what you want easily.
  4. Save on the boxes: Use your suitcases, laundry baskets, and other storage containers with the items you have to save on the boxes. A suitcase with wheels is an added bonus.
  5. Plastic wrap items: Drawers and containers that contain jewelry, silverware, clothes, etc. can be secured and covered with plastic wrap to ensure they do not fall out. It will also save you the hassle of rearranging items at your destination.
  6. Leave clothes on hangers: Use a plastic garbage bag to hold your hanging clothes together and simply carry the bundle from the old to the new place.
  7. Wrap fragile items properly: Always use bubble wrap and save some space in boxes with clothes to keep your fragile items. Dish or hand towels around fragile items provide extra security. Do please remember to rinse your glasses before you use them.
  8. Use vacuum space bags: A sealed vacuum storage bag saves a ton of space. Simply throw all your clothes, linens, and other collapsible items in a space bag, suck the air out and stack them into a box.
  9. Always use plastic wrap to secure the lids of fluid bottles:  Take off the lids of shampoos, condiments, sauces, etc. and add a layer of plastic wrap on top before securing their lids. This will prevent any leaks during transportation.
  10. Save makeup with cotton balls: Cotton balls added to powdered makeup like eyeshadow or blushes will protect them from crumbling into pieces while moving.
  11. Use the oven mitt to protect the knives: An oven mitt or a dish towel is the best way to store the sharp ends of the knives. Use packing tape to secure them in place and coming loose while moving.
  12. Use rubber bands or tape the lids of pots and pans: Fill up the pots and pans with smaller items like condiment bottles or other things and secure the lid with a rubber band or packing tape. Cover them with a bubble wrap if they are made of porcelain or glass.
  13. Take a picture of the back of your TV: Most TV backs look like a jumble of wires for game consoles, HDMI cables, Firestick, cable box, surround sound speaker, and more. A picture of it before you unplug it will make it easier to plug it all back later.
  14. Finish packing a day early: Start packing early before the trucks pull in to make sure everything goes as planned without any delay.

Tricks for the moving day

  1. Set up the shower and bathroom essentials first: The day of unpacking is a flurry of activity that will need quick bathroom breaks and a nice shower at the end. Unload and arrange your bathroom items first to allow you relaxation at the end of the day.
  2. Stock up on easy meals: A take-out meal or a box of cereal for the new kitchen will help you provide energy if you missed out on lunch or need to make a last-minute dinner.
  3. Keep a cooler with snacks and water handy: Moving is usually a day-long affair, and essentials like snacks and water will help you replenish without wasting time or to stop for meals.
  4. Recruit some friends: A free beer or first dibs on donation items or a thank-you meal will make you recruit some friends and make the whole process faster, easier, and fun.
  5. Entertain the kids with safe moving supplies: Moving day is usually a boring time for kids and a huge distraction for you. Use their help to unpack a few boxes, move the used boxes, and bubble wrap out of the way where they can use the accessory to their imagination.
  6. Safety and security: Your safety and the security of your items is of paramount importance that saving any amount of money cannot replenish. Use these packing and moving hacks or, as our experts will advise. Pack items in an organized manner or hire experts to do it for you. We do not cost a ton. Learn more about our services… contact us.